Saturday, March 3, 2012

Modular stick built dollhouse PART III

Quick study or crude beginnings:

To see entire project click here 

On the left is the wall section - you can see the baseboard on the 2nd floor & crown molding of the 1st.  In between is the groove for the floor tongue. Notice inside the groove on the wall 2 copper strips for the electrical contact to connect the floor/ceiling or for wiring to the 2nd floor. I 'borrowed' my wife's stained glass copper strips.
On the right is the floor & the small stick is 1/16" thick floor board.

Floor & wall attached with floor board tucked under baseboard.

Walls or 45° pitch roof sections.

Connecting roof  halves or walls with locking spline. Spline slides from the top into position.

Parts locked in place.
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  1. Hi Kathi! Thanks for all the kind words. Glad I could help in some small way with your mini projects :)

    About the modern house - I would use plexiglass or plastic like the kind used for CD jewel cases & the plastic would slide into grooves in the walls w/o glue.

    Water Putty note: add some white glue to the mix!