Monday, October 3, 2011

Colonial Dollhouse - new system


The Windows:

Parts of the window: Old CD jewel case cut down, the rails & stiles of the sash, & the grilles interior / exterior.  The sash is grooved to accept the glazing & dadoed for the grilles.  The wood is maple.

The sash & grilles are glued together.

The top of the sash is grooved & the grilles are glued in place.

...then I slide the plastic glazing into place &  just repeat 4 more times : )

Interior view with (pop in/out) poster board cut-outs.  Need to do the interior casings/half frames.  Then figure out the partition placement so I can paint/wallpaper the walls.

Exterior shaping up.

I think I've found my construction method. Building one wall at a time is less overwhelming & much more gratifying.  I can see each wall evolve to some sort of finished state - which in turn gives me the incentive to keep going : )

Next I have to tackle the door...not sure what design to use. Although its a 3" door it looks narrow to me.  I think its because of the wide casing & large flanking windows.

Googling door images....