Saturday, November 12, 2011

Colonial Dollhouse - new system


I cut out a few pieces of the slate for the top of the porch & here we are a week later?!  I haven't done much since.

I did notice on the new container of Water Putty that you can add a small amount of vinegar or milk when mixing it with the water to slow down the hardening time.

Another thing - I buffed the faux slate with a piece of brown paper bag (it has wax in it), & this created a shine on the higher surfaces, leaving the recessed areas matte.  This helped to define the texture of the slate.

Close up (about an inch across) of faux slate after buffing.  (I held a lamp to the side of the faux slate when I photographed it.)  Notice what looks like brush stokes or wood grain - nope - thats because I used 80 grit sandpaper when I sanded the dried water putty  - creating flat tops.  Next time I will go over it with 220 grit. The 80 grit sandpaper would work well for an old wood surface - painted shades of brown.