Sunday, March 17, 2013

1 Building a Roombox with a Dremel Trio

Cutting bit TR563 Hardwood (Carbide)

Routing bit TR654 1/4" Straight 

Routing bit TR632 1/4" Chamfer (carbide)

4 x 8 ft 5.5mm Lauan plywood $12.17 + 7% RI sales tax = $13.02.

Cut into 3 large pieces by Home Depot, cut strips using cutting bit & straight-edge then rout grooves & 45 degree bevel, cut into small parts. Tape & glue.

45 degree edges are easy to glue up with masking or painter's tape.  Back wall fits in groove.  Face is poplar frame with groove for sliding plexiglas.

Use 1/8" cutting bit to cut plexiglas groove & 1/4" straight routing bit for rabbet to fit over roombox's front edge.