Sunday, March 17, 2013

1 Building a Roombox with a Dremel Trio

Cutting bit TR563 Hardwood (Carbide)

Routing bit TR654 1/4" Straight 

Routing bit TR632 1/4" Chamfer (carbide)

4 x 8 ft 5.5mm Lauan plywood $12.17 + 7% RI sales tax = $13.02.

Cut into 3 large pieces by Home Depot, cut strips using cutting bit & straight-edge then rout grooves & 45 degree bevel, cut into small parts. Tape & glue.

45 degree edges are easy to glue up with masking or painter's tape.  Back wall fits in groove.  Face is poplar frame with groove for sliding plexiglas.

Use 1/8" cutting bit to cut plexiglas groove & 1/4" straight routing bit for rabbet to fit over roombox's front edge.


  1. Hi Mike, My my, I asked for an update and you put a new post on the same day! Now that is service, thank you!
    This looks as though I should be able to do this in a day... You make it look sooo easy! I really like the height/width ratio - a lot of roomboxes don't have the height for things like chandeliers and tall Georgian windows.

    Glad you're back and hope it will get you going again on finishing the lovely stick built house!

  2. Thanks Idske - I guess you inspired me, LOL!