Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 Building a Roombox with a Dremel Trio

Playing around with different designs:

After I rout some moldings & brackets, etc.  I can mix & match & layer them to see what I like.

Other bits for the Dremel Trio:

TR626 1/2" Straight bit (carbide)
part of 3 pc TR750 set

TR750 5pc  Specialty set (carbide)
  • TR627 1/8" Roman Ogee bit (carbide) Use for moldings/brackets?
  • TR631 1/8" Corner Rounding bit (carbide) Use for moldings/brackets?
  • TR624 1/2" V-Groove bit (carbide) Use for fluted moldings/brackets?
  • TR629 3/8" Dovetail bit (carbide)
  • TR628 1/4" Rabbet bit (carbide)

I'll try to use the TR624 V-Groove bit & a straight-edge to create flat fluted columns.

TR770 5pc Starter set (carbide)
  • TR621 3/16" Beading bit (carbide) Use for moldings/brackets?
  • TR623 1/4" Cove bit (carbide) Use for moldings/brackets?
  • TR620 1/4" Flush Trim bit (carbide) 
  • TR632 1/4" Chamfer bit (carbide) 45 degree bevels.
  • TR622 1/4" Round Nose bit (carbide) Use for moldings/brackets/gutters??