Monday, October 3, 2011

Colonial Dollhouse - new system


The Windows:

Parts of the window: Old CD jewel case cut down, the rails & stiles of the sash, & the grilles interior / exterior.  The sash is grooved to accept the glazing & dadoed for the grilles.  The wood is maple.

The sash & grilles are glued together.

The top of the sash is grooved & the grilles are glued in place.

...then I slide the plastic glazing into place &  just repeat 4 more times : )

Interior view with (pop in/out) poster board cut-outs.  Need to do the interior casings/half frames.  Then figure out the partition placement so I can paint/wallpaper the walls.

Exterior shaping up.

I think I've found my construction method. Building one wall at a time is less overwhelming & much more gratifying.  I can see each wall evolve to some sort of finished state - which in turn gives me the incentive to keep going : )

Next I have to tackle the door...not sure what design to use. Although its a 3" door it looks narrow to me.  I think its because of the wide casing & large flanking windows.

Googling door images....


  1. Es perfecta! Lleva mucho trabajo pero me encanta.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Hola Rosamargarita,

    Gracias por el cumplido y después de mi blog. Yo diría que la construcción de la ventana es más tedioso que cualquier cosa. Si te gusta lo que estás haciendo, merece la pena ¿no?

    adiós amigo


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    Hi Rosamargarita,

    Thanks for the compliment & following my blog. I'd say the window construction is more tedious then anything. If you enjoy what you're doing its worth it right?