Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Colonial Dollhouse - new system

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Red Front Door

Scratch-built cross-buck door.  The cross & the triangles are glued onto a 1/16" wood panel (about the same thickness as the plastic window,) & the panel is fitting into the grooves of the door rails & stiles.  I sanded the triangles for a rounded edge.
I got an idea for the river rock foundation & front porch...I thought I might use plaster & with an eye-dropper drip the shape of the rocks - kind of like making pancakes.  Cross your fingers : )

The Staircase

Stair construction - the treads & the railing will be walnut, the rest will be white or cream.  I'll be using Housework's balusters as I can't seem to make exact duplicates on my wood lathe. 

Exploded drawing - the construction is similar to a real staircase, with some modifications.  The risers are dadoed for strength & to make it easier  to attach to the stringers (see next drawing.)  The risers are on top of the treads - on a real staircase the riser rest on the stringers.  I changed this because it was easier to round off the tread all the way so it returned back to the open stringer (see last drawing.)  The riser has a decorative edge as not to show the end grain.  The stairs have a 45 degree angle which makes the balusters easier to cut.  I'll probably use toothpicks for the dowels.  The railing has a groove on the underside to accept the balusters & (spacing) fillets.  The stringers are all cut at the same time by setting my mini table saw to 45 degrees & cutting the stringers stacked & taped together on edge using a stop block... 

Dadoed riser, also showing decorative end grain.

Showing tread bullnose wrap around returning near decorative end of riser.  That's a nice looking staircase : )