Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colonial Dollhouse - new system

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River Rock (or Fieldstone)

The eye-dropper idea works great!  I used Water Putty, as the can says, "Sticks, stays put, will not shrink."  I poured some putty out & added water with the eye-dropper, while stirring.  Found the consistency that worked for me was like pea soup.  I placed the putty filled eye-dropper on the wood sample & pulled the eye-dropper in a whirling or zigzag motion.  If you get too close to another "stone" they will blob together.  Not a pretty sight, but you can just scrape off the mistake & try again.

When you're done put a bit of hot water in a can or some disposable container & squeeze the eye-dropper in the water repeated to clean it.  You could run it under a faucet but I don't know if you want plaster clogging up your drains...

Now I'll watch the stones dry...or 2nd thought maybe I'll go do something else...they might collapse or something as they dry...?

copyright MESP2011
This was my 1st attempt which includes all the air bubbles & blobs.  So I thought I would sacrifice this one 1st by painting it.  Some of the stones are flat on top because I had to sand off the little whipped cream wavy thingys (this batch was too thick.)  The next step would be to seal the rock color then fill in with  the mortar.  I'll use the "Water Putty" again, but this time mixed with a warm medium dark gray acrylic.
I'm using water putty because that's what I have on hand...
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  1. This is a fabulous idea! They look great so far...crosses fingers for no fallen souffle. I have a use for water putty coming up, too...not rocks, though.

  2. Muchas gracias, la idea es brillante y fantastica.
    Un beso

  3. What will otterine use her water putty for? Mystery Woman. Thanks otterine!

    Susi said, "Thank you very much, the idea is brilliant and fantastic.
    a kiss"

    Thanks Susi, you're welcome! You're making me blush :)

  4. Wow! You come up with some great ideas! Tucking THIS one away for sure!