Saturday, March 3, 2012

Modular stick built dollhouse PART II

THE JIGS: Quick change jigs attach to table saw

To see entire project click here 

I built this false top for my table saw.  It will hold the jigs in place.

The 'Floor Support' jig:
First I set the table saw blade to a 1/8" height.
(I will use all the 1/8" blade height jigs in a row so I don't have to change the blade height as often.)
Then the jig is slid into place. The blue thing on the right is used to reposition the strip wood so I can cut a wider groove. (I could invest in a dado blade set, but I don't think they cut less than an 1/4".)
Slide blue mini fence into place.

Jig in position.

Drop aqua lock down.

Notice that I rounded off the edge of the jig so the strip wood doesn't catch when entering.

Strip wood about to go into jig.

When the strip wood enters the jig I'll use a push stick for the remainder of the cut.

On the opposite end of the jig the strip wood emerges with half the groove cut.
The jig doesn't create any kick back - nothing binding. The strip wood stays in position for a perfect cut.

CAUTION: If you're cutting a rabbet instead of a groove the strip wood needs to be supported after the blade cuts it. If the strip wood should twist to one side the blade will grab it making it come out of the jig entrance with a vengeance!! So I always stand to the side, & the push stick I use has a breakaway handle.

Move the blue mini fence to the left side & spin the strip wood 180 degrees, then run it through again.

Repeat as above.

...and the full width of the groove is accomplished.

This takes much longer to explain than it does to actually do!

Of course I would run a bunch of strip wood through this jig before moving on to the next.

Ahhh the assembly line...

The wall corner & roof ridge connectors need to be laminated.  I use Titebond II wood glue & evenly spaced drops of Gorilla super glue.  I weight the parts down for 20 seconds or more - the parts are bonded enough to remove them from the gluing jig - freeing up the gluing jig for the next set of parts.  I put the glued parts aside for 24 hours or more.

Thinking out loud about what I could do with this system...

  • I could use it to quickly build dollhouses to completion for shows, sale, trade, gifts or charity
  • Sell custom shells according to the kit builder's specs, with interior framing & cut outs completed & possibly wiring
  • Sell shells according to my specs, with interior framing, cut outs, wiring completed
  • Sell as a kit - where the kit builder would do the interior framing, cut outs. (wiring components included?)
  • Sell the wooden connectors/parts in 24" lengths with a pack of mat board on the side, (wiring components included?)
The list goes from most expensive & time consuming to least.

The postage on this would be lower because of the lighter weight.

Maybe make an optional components package available.

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