Saturday, March 23, 2013

6 Building a Roombox (with a Dremel Trio)

One idea for making brackets

Took a piece of 3/4" poplar & routed the edges using two different bits.

Left: TR621 3/16” Carbide Beading Bit
            Right: TR627 1/8” Carbide Roman Ogee Bit

Cut (rip) the routed board in halves.

Slice (cross-cut) 1/4" pieces

Put the two brackets together or use separately.  Flip them around for different styles.
Or layered - as Idske commented in a previous post.
Or you can buy full size molding which comes in assorted profiles & slice them with a saw & miter box.  Home Depot
The ones with a carved or embossed design can be sliced evenly in between the decorations to create a more sculptured or carved look.

Here I sliced embossed Tiny Trim into brackets - the 1st 3 are from the same molding.  The one on the far right looks more like a small shelf - maybe use it to hold a plant on the wall?


  1. Hi Mike, I like the first one you made on the left, not so sure about layered now or the embossed trim!

    1. I took a bit more care on the 1st one. The layered one I used some scrap wood & probably should have put the over sized but thinner layers on the out side & the under sized thicker one on the inside?? Still experimenting :)

  2. Brilliant. I'll have to borrow this method. Thanks for the tip :D

    1. Thanks & you're welcome! Feel free to use any of "my" ideas you like - I'm sure I'm not the 1st to think of them anyway, LOL...

  3. So much possibilities! I like experimenting too with other kind of materials...thanks for sharing. Like Idske, I like the first one most ;)!
    Have a nice sunday!

  4. Hello Mike,
    Another great post. thanks for the technique.
    Big hug,