Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Building a Roombox with a Dremel Trio

Final drawing. Decided on double doors. Not sure about the brackets - will have to experiment with the Dremel Trio router bits. 

The inner frame is now glued together.  Still needs a bit of sanding.

I'm figuring out how to make all the finished parts for the front. I might use Tiny Trim for some of the moldings?


  1. I love the double doors and also those big windows!

  2. I just discovered your blog, it is fabulous! The final drawing is wonderful, I would love to see the building process.
    Greetings, Ilona

  3. Thanks Lucille - I agree about the double doors - I didn't care for the single door & couldn't come up with a good match with muntins (window panes/grille) pattern in relation to the large windows & the transom.

    Iiona - thanks for the compliments & thanks for joining by blog, welcome!

  4. Love the facade, so elegant. The double doors are clearly the right thing for it! I do like the brackets. Would be nice if you could show how you make them, I have no doubt that you will succeed!
    Maybe the way Elga showed how she made dividers for the Pennsylvania Secretary, by glueing a stack of slices of wood at one end and shaping them at the other, then trimming them to the correct depth? Elga explains it much better!

    1. Thanks Idske - I'm going to check Elga's blog right now!