Saturday, May 5, 2012

Modular stick built collapsible dollhouse 16

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Testing electrical connections...

Back roof shingles done, need to do edge trim around cut-out & ridge.

All electrical connections working.

Back of house...need to paint windows & finish foundation...

Front roof...ridge board not glued down yet...

...On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough...

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  1. I am looking forward to the finished house, are you going to design different sizes of houses based on this method of construction. It looks so sturdy and easy, I have never been a fan of kits but you are changing my mind.

  2. Thanks Elga. I'm glad I'm changing your mind about kits, well at least my kit. Thats quite an endorsement coming from such an Artisan as yourself! I too look forward to finishing this house, LOL! I think I've currently covered quite a few decorating/finishing options for this kit to give viewers some idea of the simplicity & versatility of it. Once in awhile I'd like to design/decorate this kit in different sizes, with additions & maybe 30 or 60 degree roofs, & so on, for my own pleasure. But mostly - I'd like to do the blank shells offered at a low price & see how others finish off the kits. Maybe I should create a competition or when we hit 50 followers do a shell/kit giveaway! The surface area of this current kit (as a shell w/o cutouts, etc.) is 5.618 sq ft., if I charge $5/sq ft this kit (shell) would be priced at $28.09 ($5 * 5.618.) I think thats a good price considering its stick built & very customizable. Also, its lightweight so the shipping would be reasonable.

  3. Well, at that price I will definitely consider buying one or two, would it be possible to join two or three to make a bigger house? Although something small might be nice, I would love to do something in a Colonial style.

  4. The current prototype interior measures 8"d x 12"w, 9-3/8" ceiling & 3" knee wall, 2" foundation & 45 degree pitch. The height dims & number of floors are basically limitless. I'm using a 2" foundation to allow plenty of room for the wiring, switches, & any electronic components that might be needed. But a non-electrified house could be built with the 1st floor at ground level. Also, the first level could be a basement with the house fitted into a cutout table or base?

    The largest I would build for now - would be 15-5/8"d x 19-1/2"w. Using the height dimensions of the prototype that comes to 12.819 sq ft of outer surface area, $5 * 12.819 = $64.10 for a blank shell. The larger dims are based on the 20" x 16" mat board I'm using & getting at a very good price w/free shipping. I could purchase larger mat board but the cost would bring up the price/sq ft. Also the 16" x 20" mat board could be pieced together & spackled?

    Additions on the gable ends could be added to create a larger house. The additions would have to be about inch or so narrower than the main house. They would use the same construction technique & could be assembled/disassembled in the same way. They would attach to the main house with rods - probably inserted from underneath because inserting the rods from the top you'd have to deal with protrusions like siding, casings & eaves etc.

    I'm still not ready for production tho - I want to make a few changes to the design:
    I've noticed as I add more trim, interior walls & molding, a bit of paint here & there - that the joints are getting tighter & tighter. So I think all the parts dealing with joints should be made from a hardwood. The knuckle joints should be 3 to 4 inches long, not 1" for easier connection of the sections. The top edges of the knuckles should be counter-sunk to allow the rod to self-align the walls & roof. The floor supports should be single tongue not double for easier assembly. And all parts should be cut to shape not laminated...whew!