Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Modular stick built collapsible dollhouse 15

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Started front wall: 

The archway is cut out. Above arch added 5.5mm plywood + poster board to = 1/4" thickness, cut on band saw, will finish with inside trim (veneer or poster board.) String between window & archway for outdoor & entry wiring.

2nd floor:  
Did an old painted floor upstairs - needs more sanding tho. 

Opening on the right is for spiral staircase.

Framing & windows done in main section.  Need to do entry addition & wrought iron spiral staircase.  Thats all, LOL...

Inspirational photo.  elite spiral stairs  
Now all I need to do is make some kind of mold to cast each of the 15 steps I'll need :) The railing can be made from a heavy gauge wire & the balusters maybe twisted wire, solder it all together & presto - Victorian staircase!

This is only a mock up of the spiral staircase. 
Cut mat board treads (wedges), used hole punch to fit them over 3/16" dowel...

Its not as big & intrusive as I thought it might be...

...On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough...

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