Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Modular stick built collapsible dollhouse: PART X

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I wanted another outlet on the 2nd floor, so I added wiring.  Both floor supports are notched in back on the right side.

Let the decorating begin!

This thick, rough packing material was protecting an air conditioner.  I cut it into strips on my mini table saw at 45° angle to resemble cinder block.  The clamped board is temporary - it kept me inline.

Note: If I attached the front wall & continued gluing the cinder blocks around the corner I wouldn't be able to take the walls apart!  What I can do is wrap the cinder blocks around this left wall & only glue to the parts of the left wall, then do the same with the other walls.  So there will be a kind of interlocking seam. More on that later.

Added vertical siding & corner trim.  Divided the window panes. Just above the foundation is the 1st strip of siding.  But I need to add the gable trim, paint the corner, gable trim, vertical siding & paint/seal the cinder blocks. Then cut strips of 3/8" siding, paint them - then cut them to fit & glue in place..whew!

...On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough...

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