Sunday, April 15, 2012

Modular stick built collapsible dollhouse: PART VIII


To see entire project click here 

Start with left side.

Fit front to left side then insert locking rod from top edge.

Insert 1st floor.

Insert 2nd floor.

Fit right side to front & floors.

Insert locking rod.

Next fit back to sides & floors.

Insert left & right locking rods.

Fit back roof to sides.

Front underside view of back roof.

Fit front roof to sides & back roof.

Insert locking rod.

Kit assembled in minutes.
(sections are labeled)

This photo shows all the precut studs, rafters & joists.  In front of the dollhouse are extra pieces of strip wood for framing the cut outs.

Interior mat board.

All packed up or all knocked down?

How much does it all weigh?

Section      Ounces 
2nd floor     5.5
1st floor     3.75
Left wall     7.5
Right wall    7.5
Front wall   10.5
Back frame    3.5
Roof, front   5
Roof, back    3

46.25 oz. or 2 lbs., 14.5 oz.

Parcel post RI TO CA $11.14

This does NOT include the box & padding.

...On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough...

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  1. It looks really good Mike, and easy to put together.

  2. Thanks I get to be the 'kit-builder' and move on to the decorating!